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"Votes For Women" Sash

This purple and gold sash is similar to the sashes worn by the suffragists in the St. Louis "walkless talkless" parade of 1916. These sashes were worn at the League of Women Voters of Metro St. Louis' Celebrate the Vote Festival (Summer 2016) which commemorated the historic event 100 years ago at the Democratic National Convention.

$10.00 each plus $1 shipping and handling for one, $5 shipping and handling for 2-10, $8 per sash plus $8 shipping and handling for more than 10.

2-10 sashes ($5 shipping and handling)

More than 10 sashes ($8 per sash and $8 shipping and handling)

Golden Umbrella

This golden umbrella is similar to the umbrellas carried by the St. Louis suffragists in the "walkless talkless" parade of 1916. However, this umbrella reminds us to affirm that in a democracy "my vote is my voice." The ultimate connection of citizens to our government is through the ballot box.

The yellow umbrella is 40 inches in diameter and 35 inches tall with the hashtag "myvoteismyvoice" in purple letters.

$25.00 each plus $8 shipping

LWV Items from Ragar Banners in Sedalia

Contact for pricing on this life-size suffragist cut-out. Other League items are available at the state web site. Go to All profit from these sales go to LWV of Missouri.