Making Democracy Work

Intern Reflection

Insights on working in the LWV office

Increasing appreciation for civic engagement

Interning with the League of Women Voters has been not only an educational experience but an empowering one which has enlightened my understanding of and appreciation for civic engagement. Surrounded by knowledgeable individuals who are utterly devoted to information sharing, voter awareness, and civic service, it is nearly impossible to not develop the same passions. Although aware of the importance of civic education prior to my internship with the League, my internship provided countless tangible examples of the significance of civic engagement. Focusing on the upcoming November ballot issue Clean Missouri, I was given a glimpse into the limitations of our system and the efforts being made to overcome these obstacles. My work on this ballot issue, in addition to many others, empowered me with crucial knowledge about measures that will affect Missourians for decades. Overall, my internship with the League altered my perception of civic engagement and heightened my appreciation for a participatory democracy.

The League of Women Voters is a unique organization which emphasizes the importance of civic participation through a nonpartisan approach, and through my internship I have gained critical insight of the forces at work which help sustain the democratic process.

-- Fiona Eckert, August 2018