Making Democracy Work

Health Care Committee

Understanding policy that affects health care.

April 2019 Annual Report

The Health Care Committee convened in the Fall of 2018 with new members. We welcome all who are interested in improving health care to join the committee. Medicaid Expansion is currently the focus for study and learning leading to advocacy. Our project involves studying states that have expanded Medicaid for comparison with those states that have not. Our question is: How are the experiences different in these two categories of states with respect to the population, health care providers, and the community. We are considering factors of accessibility, finances, health outcomes, work requirements, and hospital closures. Also we are interested in the coverage for health of specific categories of the population: infants, maternal, behavioral, children, adults, and older adults. The plan is to complete a briefing paper on each area for informing a position paper.

The committee is also following issues concerning accessibility to health care and affordability. Examples of the issue are the requirement for work for to retain eligibility for Medicaid and for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

-- Irma Ruebling, Chair